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the situation changed from

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" Although the situation changed from movie stars, but implicit public affection and family thinking . And even more vivid expression that does not make sense, but also a footnote era - if taking into account respect for the technology, "excavator" is not necessarily a joke; if regarded as incentive nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheaps to innovate, "Brain hole wide open" too big There charm. Even still, "willful" teasing, "the whole person is not good," the self-deprecating, but in this wonderful world, the more people, more expression, more thinking, or in longing for a better tomorrow .Yes, behind these words is the popular opinion of convergence, is the era of social development, are forward democracy. After eighteen great country full of new public expectations, after two years, such expectations have slowly become a palpable reality. From reform to innovation, from the core values of the rule of law, these hot words vibrant and progressive energy forward, is the portrayal of millions of people's expectations about the future of the country's self-confidence - which is not true that public opinion is also a "new normal " Spoken and written language, called a reflection of the best psychological nationals text; words, phrases, buzzwords, more features can be seen as recognition of the times. From the "control" "vulnerable" to "dream", "Diaoyu Islands" to "room", "positive energy", the annual change of words, representing a shift of 



attention and people mentality. Focus users read details grasp the pulse of the annual terms, for those in power, it is a further improvement, but the actual recommendations and policy objectives. Cherish this rare public talk was recorded, perhaps from the realized more control of the road, before stimulate greater mobilityReporter visits found that the approach of the New Year's Day, Christmas, the restaurant has been in the front door and made a festive decorations clear preferential price menus. Among them, noon, afternoon tea, mainly Western, dining place mainly in two open-air platform. For example, a double tea set for 98 yuan, which is the level of consumption and the clouds and the mountains Greenery almost real skill.In addition to dining terrace in the evening, the restaurant six rooms of the two is also in opening, but consumption is relatively deserted on weekdays, with occasional 1-2 tenants who are driving up the mountain. Among them, tea rooms bit minimum 28 yuan, while the lowest consumption rooms have been canceled.Prior to widespread media exposure has been laid out four tables simultaneously Cloud Office   salomon speedcross 3 cs sale roduct is 8800 yuan minimum consumption, product Ya-tang with painting and meeting rooms are generally not open already. However, a broad product cloud deck hall still retained, and in the right place added more than open-air tea.On the menu after rectification, this restaurant "dry vegetables stir Tianshan snow", "Golden bamboo fungus juice shark Conquers", "Spanish smoked duck breast," "Pumpkin oatmeal boiled abalone," "Nine Lotus 


stew Cucumber" "soup dip Sphaeroides" and other signature dishes have not seen the figure, instead it is a red plastic with a single simple menu jams, there were less than 30 dishes. Among them, the dishes are mostly fried eggs, tomatoes, tofu pot collapse, baked fish head and other simple dish, the cheapest tofu for 48 yuan, the most expensive fish is a hundred dollars. And drink more wine and less kind, price and other restaurants flat Baiyun Mountain, and can provide an invoice.According to the waiter introduced, weekday evenings rare business here, only on weekends and holidays only a little popularity. Some time ago, CCTV broadcast of "Deng Xiaoping in the transition period," the TV series, which appeared during the Central Organization Department Minister Hu Yaobang in bold vindication "injustices" of a lot of pictures, 30 years ago, I could not help think of the general Shuye Tong Lusheng often talk about Hu Yaobang, General Li Mingrui vindication of the past war Expedition in 1945, he is very familiar with Hu Yaobang in Yanan, and eat at the same table for a long time.Now four or five-year-old man have a better  nike shox turbo 13 ukunderstanding of Hu Yaobang in the "Cultural Revolution" vindication inside and outside various kinds of "injustices" historical achievements, from the end of the organization in the past with "class struggle" to dash the whole person Historically, people emerged from 

se of their strong explanatory

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se of their strong explanatory power has become an important yardstick when China and abroad observed corruption.Good catch node, is an important feature of this year's anti-corruption. Pay close attention to the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other ritual issues, and with a strong deterrent, "on Monday, see" fixed-time exposure of specific issues, a strong deterrent. By the end of May this year, the nike air max 90 cheap commission launched the official website of "honest Dragon Boat Festival - the discipline inspection organs in action", firmly put public funds to purchase gift dumplings Boxing is one of the representatives.Sense of time is not only reflected in a regular, more important is reflected in the speed. The commission does not have time to stick to the law, but increasingly sophisticated in the grasp on timeliness.A provincial and ministerial level officials, appeared to be from the last survey, often within a few days, or even just one day. For example, former vice governor of Shanxi Province, Du Shanxue be notified the same day, the newspapers also reported on its activities; former secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Wanqingliang be announced the day before the survey, also conducted research; and from the announced investigation file, to be removed duties, former vice governor of Hainan Ji Wenlin took only nine days.Chinese anti-corruption How urgent  Read these to 



really understand the.Determined: hunting tiger, flies, foxThere are three kinds of animals, often in the year "on the headlines."Tiger is undoubtedly one of the highlights. Regardless of the "tiger" or "Tiger Army", the central attitude will not be tolerated, no penalty area highlights the corruption of determination and will. Face "collapse the way corruption", there is a check a central hesitate to let local leadership practices big shake some places, but also the "zero-tolerance attitude towards fighting corruption," the concrete manifestation."Flies-style" corruption, a minor official corruption is equally giant is effectively curbed. This year, to Beijing, Guangxi,   nike air max 1 cheapTianjin, Tibet, Jiangsu, Hainan, and other feedback, the central inspection teams repeatedly referred to the seriousness of these issues, noting grassroots cadres corruption issues highlighted.In addition to the familiar "flies to play with Tiger," "fox hunting" corruption has become the norm. Combating international cooperation, from the APEC meeting to the G20 summit, the world's attention from the territory involved, this year fruitful. Today, codenamed "Fox Hunting 2014" national public security authorities arrest fugitive suspects overseas economic special action continues. This year, July 22 from the beginning of the action, as of December 4, 428 people have been arrested.And all this, in the commission's official website constantly "on the headlines," timely, publicly notified. The average daily traffic of more than 1.2 million times the site is becoming an important position



 in the official and private corruption.Chinese anti-corruption, let the world understand.Future plan: continuous truss systems cageCorruption "symptoms" of course important, but only in a timely manner to the "root" of transition, in order to truly achieve the ideal mechanism "do not want to rot, does not rot, not rot," the.Under this year's unprecedented anti-corruption efforts, "temporary" is to "cure" to win the necessary time. To the inspection system as an example, this year, a breakthrough in the special patrol institutional, and timely propose to break the practice of "backstroke", let the system on the basis of the previous continuous improvement.Application system is also maturing. For example, on the "strict discipline in the law of the land," the carrying out, in this year of the term "adultery" in the use of high frequency reflected quite obvious. Wang bluntly, the party's 18 leading cadres since investigated the case, no one is not illegal before the first discipline.Blacksmith need its own hardware. Reform of the  nike air max 2014 ukdiscipline system is a major highlight of this year, in less than a year, the commission twice institutional reform, streamlining the procedure of coordinating body 111, an additional four discipline inspection room and a discipline inspection cadre supervision room. "Delta does not increase official", "Focus on core business" approach, directly enhance the power of the first-line anti-corruption investigators.There are a lot of reform and innovation, for example in the Office of the State Central Commission for 


according to the emission

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Protection Bureau said, according to the emission factor method is estimated to take such measures, namely to reduce PM10, PM2.5 emissions by about 1587 tons and 303 tons, that is to say, road cleaning realized PM10, PM2.5 reduction effect, and the site lay-off contribute roughly nike shox turbo 13 womens  equal.20% lower than the previous trafficMunicipal Environmental Protection Bureau said the days off holiday is the most widely involves a direct impact on the city's various measures basic production and living activities, bringing its production and lifestyle changes, can directly reduce air pollutant emissions.According to the traffic in and out of Beijing traffic statistics, the number of mobile phone network statistics, days off during the holiday travel some people left Beijing, making the city's resident population of about 10% reduction. Due to the workplace and school holidays, so that the city traffic than before the holiday fell about 20%.In addition, the transfer off the holiday also includes some industrial enterprises and other holiday shutdown, such as the city of six districts and Huairou District perennial run coal-fired boilers to suspend production run.Multi-site downtime particulate matter emissionsAccording to reports, in this regard include the taking of the city shut down the construction site, part of the construction machinery to stop using other measures. 



Measured data show that during the APEC meeting, namely reduction of nitrogen oxides, PM10, PM2.5 and volatile organic compounds emissions by about 375 tons, 1693 tons, 361 tons and 273 tons.Among them, the site shut down a large contribution to the reduction of particulate matter, PM10 and PM2.5 emissions were cut to reach 1674 tons and 346 tons, non-road machinery to cut nitrogen oxide are more obvious role to achieve emission reduction 375 tons.Limiting the production of industrial enterprises in 97 tons less PM2.5Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that this part of the meeting includes safeguards Yajian coal-fired power production load, the city's key industrial enterprises have ceased production, limited production and other measures. nike shox r4 sale According to the environmental protection department's forecast, as a result of these initiatives were cut during the APEC meeting, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, PM10, PM2.5 and volatile organic compounds emissions by about 207 tons, 374 tons, 168 tons, 97 tons and 495 tons.Data show that the contribution of a larger reduction is the key enterprises have ceased to limit production, a move 202 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions, respectively, 493 tons of volatile organic compounds.Asked 1"Analog Data" how to measure results Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau yesterday released assessment data, focusing on meeting safeguard measures taken to reveal whether or not to bring change Beijing's air quality. The results show that the average duration of the city's PM2.5 concentration 



of 43 micrograms / cubic meter. And if you did not take safeguard measures of PM2.5 concentration is expected to reach 69.5 micrograms / cubic meter. These data are estimates of what Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences Dean Song Qiang, the assessment is designed for "interim measures" will be the impact of measures to further detailed breakdown of estimates, and again during the data associated with PM2.5. Deduction is not used in the model, but rather a "sensitive factor method."He said that the use of "sensitive coefficient" can be thrust reversers PM2.5 source apportionment of pollutants into different categories and different measures. "PM2.5 sources by analyzing the chemical composition of the  nike air max thea sale different pollutants and chemical composition through a conversion relationship can be derived for each of the measures on emissions of PM2.5."Asked 2How to limit line measures such as long-lasting Analysis report released yesterday, the vehicle limit line, days off and other temporary measures are obvious impact on emissions, but these measures are not currently implemented normalization. Does this mean that "APEC Blue" long-term is unsustainable "To sum up, the various temporary measures taken during the APEC, primarily by reducing the levels of activity, activity intensity factor to reduce emissions or pollution." Song Qiang frankly, provisional 


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